Joyful Affirmations

Mindful moments of lighthearted meditations and affirmations to peacefully set the tone for your jubilant life.

In this MomentListen now | A meditation for being fully present 
How do you want to feel?Listen now | Embrace your desire to shine 💫  
The Compassion Dance Listen now | Breathe into grace... for thee and for me  
For My ChildrenListen now | Wherein I am tender and vulnerable and amazed 👯‍♀️ 
Bravery and Peace Among it AllListen now | With a reminder that Family is an enormous word ❤️  
Consider the SourceListen now | Ideally, the source is a point of honesty and trustworthiness 💧
Box Breathing Listen now | For calm, clarity, and gratitude 
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