Joyful Affirmations

Mindful moments of lighthearted meditations and affirmations to peacefully set the tone for your jubilant life.

MovementListen now (7 min) | Featuring a special guest on the podcast
Gather round the good stuffListen now (5 min) | Harvesting the hope that blooms 🪴
EnoughListen now | a soft reminder for you
Mind GardenListen now (8 min) | readying the soil 🪴
There is So Much to be Grateful ForListen now (3 min) | Now and now and now 🙏
Finding Gratitude in this MomentListen now (4 min) | There's always something for which to be grateful 🙏
Practicing Conscious GratitudeListen now (6 min) | Today, right now, in this moment
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