Feb 25, 2022 • 4M

We are Lightbringers

We know the tricks of the light.

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Mindful moments of lighthearted meditations and affirmations to peacefully set the tone for your jubilant life. All in about 5 minutes! New episodes every Monday {or so}.
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We are light bringers. It is our wont to shine and inspire. We don’t do it for recognition; we don’t do it for praise. In fact, the act of lightbringing is what fills our own cups and pacifies the passion in our own fluttery veins.

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We bring light because we can, but also because we must. As a jeweler is called to the stone and the mandrel, we are drawn to the heart’s ability to recognize itself. We possess the deep knowledge that, at times, the heart’s adrift journey needs a compassionate chaperone. ⁣

We do not bring light because we exist in a world of ease. We do not bring light because it is all we have ever known. We bring light because light has rescued us from dark places. We bring light because we can testify to its necessity. We bring light because we are able, and we know when you are not. ⁣

We do it because light begets light. ⁣

When we ignite another’s wick from our own flame, it does not diminish our candle’s brightness. Indeed, we bask in the gentle warmth of more glow. ⁣

We recognize the draw of a brighter world. ⁣

So the crux, therefore, lies in the balance for the lightbringer: In knowing that being the flame for others connects us to purpose, we can diminish our own longing for connection and enlightenment. ⁣

In an effort to keep the days shining and inspired, we can feel shadowy when we sense the lack of a reflection.⁣

We exist in a world of finely-honed empathy: the gloom or delight in a space can bombard us. And so can the emptiness. ⁣

We lightbringers need to keep our own lamps fed; our nourishment exists in the acknowledgment of who we are beyond our offerings. We can continue to dish out the soul food of clarity when we are graciously gifted with acceptance and visibility. ⁣

We know the tricks of the light. ⁣

Thankfully, our empathic hearts can guide us to those fellow bright stars who offer unencumbered acceptance. “My light is dim today,” we can say to them. “My candle falters.” ⁣

“I see you,” they will say. ⁣

I see you. I am grateful.

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