Feb 18 • 3M


a soft reminder for you

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Mindful moments of lighthearted meditations and affirmations to peacefully set the tone for your jubilant life.
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Scarcity is a frightening thought. In today’s world where so much of what we want in the given moment is readily available at the press of a button, the ideas of not having enough, or not getting our fair share, or not being recognized for what we deserve, can be daunting and terrifying. But let’s take a moment to pause and consider the idea of shared existence and abundance, and the  idea that there is still - and forever shall be - enough to go around.

Let’s even take it a step further, and embrace the idea that giving begets receiving, that love begets love, that allowing allows more to come into being. 

I often give the analogy of lighting another’s candle with the candle in your hand. When you touch your flaming wick to the other person’s dry wick, your flame is not extinguished. Indeed, there is suddenly twice as much light. Twice as much brightness by which to see the opportunities before and around you. Twice as much warmth to guide you both. 

And consider the second candle then lighting a third. No one is losing a candle! No one’s flame has gone out! Instead, as we share what we have, and accept the light that others offer - with gratitude - we are going to be able to find ourselves in a bright and warm and glowing environment where we realize that not only is there enough to go around, there is enough for each of us to have ENOUGH.

Consider the idea of ENOUGH today: That you are enough, have enough, and give enough. Consider the idea of accepting enough. That there is more than enough to go around. Someone in your sphere may have a bright and beautiful candle that attracts other people like moths to a bulb. Let them shine that light! Because your flame may be the beacon to which others need to be drawn. Your light is a good light and a beautiful light, especially when you shine it from that place of knowing it’s a light that is just right  - enough to be received, and enough to ignite the path that can then illuminate others onward.

I am so grateful for the light that you shine!