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Featuring a special guest on the podcast
March is the month of movement, of breathing, of stretching and reaching. My daughter Mirabel joins me on today’s podcast.

My body is the only one I'm granted.

Today I choose to honor my body temple with nourishing foods, cleansing breaths, and peaceful moments.

I am given this one set of muscles, this one set of bones. I will coddle and care for the freedom of movement they grant me. I will be grateful for the skin I live in.

Today I recognize the beauty that is the human form, in everyone I meet.

This is a precious life, and I will care for the vehicle that carries me through my days and nights.

I will not feel selfish in choosing healthy rest when my body requires it.

I will not ignore my body when it longs to stretch or run or dance or balance or climb.

Today I choose nourishment. Today I feel healthy and strong.

Take a listen to today’s podcast, featuring a special guest - my daughter Mirabel! We share ideas and thoughts on how to embrace the idea of movement, with a reminder that what feels good is what matters.

Mirabel also provided the background drum on the recording.


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Balance & Whimsy
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Mindful moments of lighthearted meditations and affirmations to peacefully set the tone for your jubilant life.
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