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Gather round the good stuff

Gather round the good stuff

Harvesting the hope that blooms 🪴

What are you going to declare today? What seeds of desire, opportunity, wild delight and assurance have you conjured?

Tell yourself, I know this is going to work out.

Remind yourself, I have nourished these thoughts into being.

Allow yourself to know you have tended the right path to fulfillment.

Breathe, lightly and easily, and feel the solidity of the earth beneath you. The earth is your playmate; it is enamored with your presence against its surface. Let its constant, dedicated strength hold up your passionate and surrendered body.

Open your heart to its healing flow of energy. Breathe into the rich and boundless energy of the earth, which keeps us, literally, grounded. Let gratitude fill your heart. With each inhale, let your body fill with fresh, clean, healthy oxygen. As you exhale, let your shoulders melt and your body sink a bit deeper. Nestle in to this beautiful space.

Now see yourself walking across this land. Pick a path that feels comforting and supportive to you. Let a light breeze caress your skin. Face the rising sun, and walk toward it.

As your feet follow your path, allow you mind to conjure the image of you as your best self. Untethered, uninhibited, fabulous and free. Ahead of you is the New Year. Its warmth and light are pulling you, gently, toward the highest and holiest visions you know to be true for yourself.

Let your steps carry you toward the sun. Let your heart feel the promising vibrance of its pull. And know that, when you reach the light, you will get to declare your intentions for the coming year.

As artist Georgia O'Keeffe says, "You get whatever accomplishment you are willing to declare."


Think of the boldness of making a declaration. This is not something one does lightly. But in the promise of a new dawn and a new landscape before and around you, open your heart to your willingness to declare your accomplishments.

Tell the sun, "I declare....."

Tell the sky, "I declare...."

Let your heart say, "I declare....."

Feel the unwavering solidity of the earth beneath your feet, absolutely supporting you in your declaration.

You are open.

You are free.

The world is ready for your best self.

What accomplishments are you willing to declare?​​

I believe in the promise of this day. I believe in the fulfillment of your wildest declarations. I believe in you.


This was the very first episode I recorded for this project, a little over a year ago. It feels so nice to revisit it, and to reflect on all I have learned and improved upon in the last 12 months. I am so grateful. For all of it.

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Joyful Affirmations
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