Dec 31, 2022 • 5M

New Year Shine ✨

A Vibrant Meditation for Your New Year

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Mindful moments of lighthearted meditations and affirmations to peacefully set the tone for your jubilant life.
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Gently I greet my self, and the New Year. I ease out of the shell I’ve built around me over the last twelve months, and find that my spirit is ready to soar.

Dullness flakes away as my shine begins to emerge. In my heart, I accept and acknowledge one word – YES.

Like the dawn of a new day, my vibrant self is shrugging off the shroud of uncertainty that has crept over my bones and shaded my eyes from seeing the aliveness that burns with the  creative energy within me.
The shroud is gone. The shell is broken. In front of me, the New Year. Possibility spills before me like a clear and warm stream of water. I step in, glowing.

Around me, my reflection in the water glitters softly. My soul is alight. I am not afraid.

I know the best version of myself. The world longs to feel her shine. It is time to drift away and into my glory. To know that the versions of truth I hold for myself are real, and attainable. I can see them, there in the distance. I extend my shimmering fingers and the joyful sense of my heart’s desire, recognizing itself, reaches back to me. This year, I will exist in a world that supports me and cheers me on. I am surrounded by the life force that thrives upon my brilliance.

I shine.

I let myself shine.

We made it! I started this project almost a year ago, in February of 2022. It has been such a delightful exercise for me, and I have some juicy, jubilant ideas coming for 2023. Can’t wait. Thank you so much for reading, listening, and supporting my rambling exaltations. I love you!

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